Writing Rules


Paper Feed A4 (29,7 x 21,0 cm)
Margins Top 3 cm, bottom 3 cm, right 3 cm, left 3 cm
Font Type Times New Roman
Line Spacing Title and text should be single line spacing.
Title Centered, single-spaced, 12 point, bold and first letter of the words should be written in capital letter. (Taxonomic categories should be written in italics. Names of type and subtypes should be written in lower case.) Abridgement should not be used. Title should be maximum 2 lines.
Author(s) Centered, single-spaced, 10 point, the author’s name and surname (s) must be written in full. The presenter’s name and surname must be underlined. Authors’ names should be noted with academic titles.
Address(es) Centered, single-spaced, 10 point, different addresses should be clearly indicated via superscript (1,2, …). Names of provinces should be written in capital letter. There is not necessarily to add “Turkey” at the end of addresses. E-mail address should be indicated.
Titles Titles should consist of five sections: ‘purposes, ‘material and/or methods’, ‘findings’, ‘conclusion and discussion’ and ‘keywords’. It should not contain subtitles. There should be maximum five keywords. ‘Thanks’ section is optional and no more than 3 lines. ‘References’ title should not be in the text. Titles should be written in bold and 10 point.
Main Text Main text should be written in 10 point, single spaced and justify on both sides. Text must not contain tables and figures. ‘Materials and Methods’ section should not be longer than ‘Results’ section.
Text Length The number of words should not be more than 500.
Submit Summary Summaries should send through https://www.dinegitimikongresi.com.
File Version Microsoft Word (.doc-docx).
File Name name_surname.doc For example: fatih_turanalp.doc